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The Difficulty in Recycling a Mohawk Horizon Carpet  

Billions of pounds of old carpeting is piled in to our landfills each and every year. There are recycling plants available that are capable of recycling the materials carpets are made out of, so why do so many still end up in landfills? The answer to that question isn’t quite as simple as you would think. One of the main factors is how difficult it is to recycle different carpet brands like the Mohawk Horizon carpet. A single carpet is made of multiple materials which complicates the recycling process. It is the same reason that so many companies had a hard time recycling computers for the longest time. Although all of the materials are recyclable, they don’t have an efficient enough way to separate them yet. This inefficiency makes the whole process expensive. It is so expensive that they actually lose money by recycling the materials. It is cheaper to just buy new materials than it is to recycle old ones.

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Since recycling Mohawk Horizon carpet, and any other brands is unprofitable, you will often have to pay the facility to take your carpet. Even though the amount isn’t that high it still makes the whole prospect of recycling undesirable. Who wants to pay to get rid of their carpet when they can just throw it away? Companies are steadily working on the advancement of carpet recycling. The Carpet America Recovery Effort, a non-profit company funded by the major carpet companies, works everyday to increase the amount of carpet that is recycled. Their goal is to keep at least 40 percent of the carpet out of landfills by 2012 and they are working hard to meet that figure.

Eventually companies will be able to recycle carpeting for an actual profit, and at the point where there will no longer be an issue because people will get something out of recycling their carpets.

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Paying to recycle your used carpet, or finding another use for old carpets is a great way to help improve your environment. The small cost that you have to pay to recycle an old carpet is well worth the money to keep the landfills from being any more full than they already are. While a Mohawk Horizon carpet is difficult to recycle today, sometime in the future the whole process will become much simpler and it will be one less thing taking up our countries landfills.


Hardwood Flooring the New Design Trends in Flooring


                Hardwood flooring is the new craze in flooring, and is becoming more and more popular every day. Hardwood flooring can give your home a very distinctive look and is great investment. There are thousands of different colors, styles, widths, and species of hardwood flooring, and you will sure be able to find a hardwood flooring to meet your needs.

                Hardwood flooring has been around for years, but it is really starting to become the new craze. Anyone wanting to purchase new flooring for their house, or anyone who is building a house now usually picks some type of hardwood flooring for their home. Hardwood flooring is a great investment for any home, and will help increase the value of your home. Real Estate agents are even listing hardwood flooring as a perk to purchasing a listing.

                I know what your thinking hardwood flooring is expensive, wrong! Hardwood flooring companies have become so competitive in the recent years, if your willing to put in the effort to search for the best price, you will be surprised at the great prices offered on hardwood flooring you will love. A new and innovative way to purchase hardwood is over the internet, you can get the best price nationwide, and even with shipping to west to east, you can still save money and get the exact flooring you are looking for.

                Don’t be worried about changing the styles in your home because hardwood flooring will match any new style that comes out. Unlike carpet, hardwood flooring will always match the different color styles that come out, from bright colors to neutral colors. There are thousands of different styles of hardwood to choose from, and you will never have to settle. You will be able to find any shade of color, dark to light that may suit your needs. There are also several different species of flooring to choose from to match any home.

                If you building your new dream home, or in the market to redecorate a home your currently live in, you cannot go wrong with hardwood flooring. You can find a way to give your house a distinctive look at a great price, and any style you may be looking for. So, throw your old flooring out, and invest in hardwood flooring today!

Hardwood flooring can add to the design of your room so don’t be afraid to add some good digital prints to help decorate the room. Baddins design experts are trained to help you get the art you want up on the walls quickly so you can enjoy your new room or home. For more information on Hardwood Flooring Atlanta a new an upcoming hardwood firm please visit the references in this article.

Sapelli – Exotic Hardwood Flooring

                One of the most sought after exotic hardwoods available on the market today is Sapelli. Distinguished because of its reddish brown hues and flowing grains, Sapelli is used in designer furniture and high end home decorating solutions. Its smooth finish is both durable and beautiful.

Sapelli is also called Sapele, Aboudikro, Libuyu, Muyovu, Penkwa, and Sapelii. Its botanical name is Entandrophrangma cylindricum.

                Sapelli is a large rainforest tree, which can be found in abundance in the western, central and eastern regions of African rain forests. It is vulnerable in Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. Andaman Islands also export Sapelli. These trees grow to heights of 150 feet and have a diameter around four to six feet across. Boles grow to heights of 80 to 100 feet and are usually clear and cylindrical.

Kahrs Spirit Arctic Oak
Kahrs Spirit Ridge Hickory
Kahrs Spirit Creek Maple
Kahrs Spirit Plateau Hickory

The wood resembles mahogany because of its brownish-red tint. The heartwood is pink but grows darker as it ages. The sapwood is grayish-pink or cream in color. The grain is fine and moderately interlocked or wavy. A ribbon striped effect can be achieved by quartersawing cuts of Sapelli. When Sapelli is a darker wood, with a finer and denser texture. It becomes more beautiful with sandpaper and varnish. This wood works easily with both hand and machine tools. There are no known problems with nailing. It saws easily, and sands well if done properly. It is not as stable as mahogany. The intertwining of the veins can cause warping. There is some movement, although it is quite durable and has moderate dimensional stability.

Armstrong Century Farm Walnut
Armstrong Century Farm Hickory Natural

On the photosensitivity scale, it has a measurable degree of color change. It noticeably darkens over time. Photosensitivity is the measure of how dark the floors will become as they are exposed to sunlight and oxidation. As exotic hardwood flooring ages, its natural beauty is enhanced and develops a richer and more uniform color.

Mullican Ridgecrest Hickory
Mullican Chalmette Provincial Hickory

                On the Janka Hardness scale, Sapelli is listed as 1510, which is 16% harder than Northern Red Oak. The Janka hardness test is a measurement that tests the hardness of wood to see if it is suitable for flooring. In America, this method measures the pounds-force required to embed an 11.28 mm. steel ball into a piece of wood at half the ball’s diameter. The Janka hardness test determines the ability of wood to handle denting and wear. It is also an indicator of how resistant it is to working with the wood, such as sawing and nailing. The Janka Hardness for Sapelli is in accordance with ASTM D 1037-7 testing methods. Testing is not done on actual flooring. It is done on samples.

Triangulo Engineered Flooring
Triangulo Brazilian Pecan
Triangulo Brazilian Chestnut

Sapelli is used for wood flooring, decorative veneering, and some woodworking, such as window frames and stairs. It is also used in making fine furniture, turnery, paneling, decorative plywood, cabinets and boat building.

Sapelli can be obtained in solid plank or engineered flooring. Solid planks can come in two differenty types of finishes, urethane based and aluminum oxide coatings. While aluminum oxide is a particularly tough coating process that resists scuffing and wear, this process must be done in a factory setting.

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